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South Asian Federation of Exchanges (SAFE) is a forum launched by bourses in South Asia to promote the development of securities markets in the region. The inception of SAFE marks an important milestone in the march of South Asian capital markets towards regional and global integration.

The imperatives of globalization necessitate increasing interdependence among nations in terms of business, politics and cross-cultural activities. Consequently, capital markets in South Asia can no longer afford to remain insulated from each other or from the rest of the world. The markets have overlapping concerns and interests which need to be recognized and addressed. SAFE is the logical culmination of this realization.

The members of SAFE have agreed to work towards common standards including international accounting standards and best business practices in capital markets. SAFE will represent its members in related international forums, encourage cross-border listing, co-operate in human resource development, facilitate technology transfer among members and address other issues of common interest.
  • To facilitate exchange of information and to promote mutual assistance amongst its Members and other related entities;
  • To encourage co‐operation amongst the Members in order to promote and develop the respective capital markets;
  • To work towards common standards for listing, trading, clearing, settlement and investors' protection as well as International Accounting Standards or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and best business practices in the regional securities markets;
  • To establish and maintain contact, collaborate and obtain affiliation with other organizations, institutions, bodies and societies in the Region and globally, including relevant international agencies, interested in similar objects and to cooperate with such institutions, bodies and organisations for furthering the objects of the Federation;
  • To help improve the governance standards of the capital market constituents, including the listed corporate sector of the Region;
  • To encourage cross border listings and securities trading in the Region;
  • To promote investors' education and awareness in the Region through independent publications, seminars & conferences in collaboration with SAFE Members and other entities;
  • To work and provide facilities for educational/skills development, human resources training and the spread of capital market knowledge in the Region;
  • To provide advisory, consulting and facilitatory services to SAFE Members and other capital market related entities;
  • To address other issues of common interest, as and when they arise.
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